The UAE professionals are the most web-connected globally, indicates a recent report by LinkedIn. Members in the UAE have an average of 211 connections, it underlines.

On Tuesday, the world’s largest professional network released the figures, while announcing that it has hit the 500-million member milestone across 200 countries and 22 million members in the MENA region. A professional community of this size has never existed until now, the report reveals.

Boasting some of the highest social media penetration rates in the world, UAE residents are not only well connected, but also savvy to the potential of what a highly connected global community of professionals can do, and the value that is created for each member of the workforce, the LinkedIn report adds.

With each connection a member makes on LinkedIn, the total reach of their professional community grows and so does the career opportunities. Every connection…

  • Reflects an average of 400 new people a member can get introduced to and begin to build relationships with;
  • Encompasses 100 new companies who may be looking for the skills and talents the member offers; and
  • Represents connections to an average of 500+ jobs.

Earlier in January 2017, LinkedIn released the LinkedIn UAE Power Profiles list, a celebration of professionals who understood the importance of investing in their online personal brand and who succeeded in growing their employer’s brand by becoming its ambassadors.

These Power Profiles are skillfully growing their professional networks online and sharing insights on areas that they are passionate about.

LinkedIn opened their first office in the MENA region in 2012 in Dubai which serves as a regional headquarters to members and customers.